Hello! My name is Kasha. I came from Florida and the nice people from The Humane Society took me in to help out with the hurricane. I had a bit of a rough life thus far and I am timid of new people.

I really love walks, treats, toys and people when I get to know them. I need someone who is understanding and will accept my independence. Cuddling and kisses are not something I am used to and I prefer my own space. In my younger years, I spent a lot of time outside and had minimal human contact and would love an owner that would take their time and allow me to learn to trust them.

Since I am excited about meeting and building a relationship with a family, it would be best if there were no young children around. It would also be great if I were the only pet in the house right now too.

My friends say I am kind of like a cat, I am independent and seek out attention when I want it. Please come by and meet me, I have a lot of untapped potential and you will really enjoy getting to know me.

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