Mee Mee

MeeMee – that’s my name. Let’s get to know each other. I am very active, cuddly, curious, energetic and friendly. An adventurer is what I am, I love walks and exploring new things. Along with liking only teenagers and older humans in my life, my home has to be free of other pets.

If you are experienced with training dogs, you will be perfect for me. I need a home that has few visitors as I am afraid of strangers – or at least someone who will put me in a safe place while you have company. I can be possessive of food and toys, but am certain with the right training I can over come that.

My friends at The Humane Society have spent a lot of time getting to know me and realize what I great dog I am, you should see how many hugs and kisses that I love to share! Please come by and meet me and learn how we can become great pals.

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