Hello! My name is Kasha. I came from Florida and the nice people from The Humane Society took me in to help out with the hurricane. I had a bit of a rough life thus far and I am timid of new people.

I really love walks, treats, toys and people when I get to know them. I need someone who is understanding and will accept my independence. Cuddling and kisses are not something I am used to and I prefer my own space. In my younger years, I spent a lot of time outside and had minimal human contact and would love an owner that would take their time and allow me to learn to trust them.

Since I am excited about meeting and building a relationship with a family, it would be best if there were no young children around. It would also be great if I were the only pet in the house right now too.

My friends say I am kind of like a cat, I am independent and seek out attention when I want it. Please come by and meet me, I have a lot of untapped potential and you will really enjoy getting to know me.

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Hi, I’m Bruno. I’m a cooperative and handsome 2-year-old Pit Bull Terrier. I obeyed all of the photographers’ commands and reveled in the spotlight! I love to give kisses, to go for walks, and to lounge in the grass.
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Zeke is the friendliest and the sweetest, but is the oldest, too, at 8 years old. He greets the visitors with a lot of “purrs” and rubs against their hands. We discovered Zeke in a box, inside the Humane Society’s doors. He was malnourished and soaked with water. So, this is the reason that Zeke seems to appreciate the little things. You have to meet this gentleman!

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Diamond II

Hello, I’m Diamond. I’m an attractive and affectionate Pit Bull Terrier mix. I love to cuddle in a person’s lap. I am housebroken and I like other dogs.
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Snow White

Snow White is the cutest little pit you could ever see! She loves to be near people and has made the best of friends with the other dog in her foster home. She is housebroken and knows basic obedience commands. Snow White would enjoy a home where there would be no birds or cats but would enjoy the company of another dog! Contact the Shelter to schedule a meet with Snow White and her foster mom.

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Hi, I’m Alejandro. I have an aim-to-please temperament. I love to play with toys and to receive affection. I walk well on a leash – without pulling or tugging toward a person or a scent. I like to meet new people and I like to interact with other dogs in some situations. I have been waiting for my forever family since June and hope that they will come in soon!

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Meet Zeuce – the cuddliest, handsomest, and playful – est of the bunch! Zeuce enjoys a game of catch/fetch in the outdoors and retrieves the ball 100% of the time. He has a sweet and obedient temperament; Zeuce knows “Shake” and “Sit” and wants to learn more commands. He does well with children (5+) and other dogs, too. Zeuce loves the idea of a home for the Holidays, as the Kennel is stressful for Zeuce.

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Cooper is the cutest Terrier! He is energetic like most 18-month-old dogs, but walks well on a leash. Cooper has a sweet disposition, too. Are you in the market for a small Terrier? If so, Cooper is the man to meet at the Humane Society!

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Sarge is a handsome and loveable guy. He likes to chew bones, to go for walks, and to play with toys. Sarge seems to have a soulful, youthful disposition. He does well with other dogs and knows several commands – “come,” “down,” “shake,” “sit,” and “stay.” Sarge LOVES to meet new people, and at WBNG for Pet of the Week, Sarge wanted to hug and kiss the employees!

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