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The Humane Society recognizes the challenge of raising a puppy or kitten particularly for our senior friends. That doesn’t mean that they should be without the companionship a dog or cat can give.

We have created a unique adoption program for seniors (age 65+) living in our community to partner them with our senior pets (7+ years). The standard adoption fee will be cut in half. This includes licensing, a vet checkup, and up-to-date shots. We pledge to the owners and their new pet that if they ever find themselves unable to care for the pet and have run out of options, we will gladly accept the pet back at The Humane Society. Please check our Petfinder site often for a list of animals that are in this program


  1. Older pets are housetrained.
  2. Older pets won’t chew your shoes and scratch your furniture.
  3. Older pets settle in easily, because they’ve learned what it takes to get along with others.
  4. Older pets are good at giving love once they get into a new, loving home. They are grateful for the 2nd chance.
  5. What You See Is What You Get: older pets have grown into their shape and personality.
  6. Older pets let you get a good night’s sleep! They don’t need nighttime comforting or bathroom breaks.