Lost & Found Dogs

The following dogs have been recently brought to our Shelter as Lost Dogs.  These dogs are put up for adoption after they are in our Shelter for 7 days.

If any of these dog(s) belong to you or anyone you know, please come by and redeem them.  Proof of ownership (rabies certificate and license) is required.  They are really anxious to go home!


“Sidward” is a neutered male, black poodle mix, lost in the woods behind the property at 1116 Old State Rd. He is only 11 lbs, and has poor eye sight. He could have made his way all the way down to Colesville Rd, over to Fox Hollow Rd or to Duell Rd.

Lost in the afternoon of Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014. He is very timid, so may not come to you, any sightings can be phoned in to 724-3709.


sidward sidward1