Happy Endings

Select a page below to check out some “Happy Endings”-stories of our animals who’ve been adopted. Click on a pet’s picture to see a bigger version!

If you have adopted one of our animals and would like to submit your own Happy Ending pictures and story, please email us at BHumaneSoc@aol.com !

“Conrad” at the Shelter, but his new name is “Riley!” (August 2012)

He is growing SO fast (already 50 pounds) He knows how to sit, shake, lay down and has been completely potty trained for about a month now! Riley has become best friends with our dog Bella and they constantly play and nap together He has definitely become the little spoiled prince of the family!

Siam (August 2012)

“Siam is a DREAM cat!!!! She just wants to be with you, lay on you or be next to you!!!! She just cuddles and loves everyone, including all of our cats and the dogs to!!!!! She must of had a loving home at some point because she is so lovey, calm and confident. She and Franklin are really BFF’s, he loves her!!!!! She is so loved!!!!!! She talks alot too, which is so fun!!!!! 🙂

Shadow (June 2012)

We have been getting great happy ending photos lately! This is Shadow he has been with his new family since June and is very happy. He loves to play, sleep and eat!!!

Jack Bower, formerly known as “Kracker Jack” (January 2012)

His owner says “He’s extremely energetic and loves to get into EVERYTHING! Jack is quite the cuddler, and our other kitty Lex loves having him around.”

“Jayce” now named Ernie (August 2012)

“Here is a recent photo of Ernie, he is a really good cat. Very catty and very good natured. We love him so much and the other kitties also love him. He is a sweetheart.”

Warren & Katie (August 2012)

Here is a peek at them lounging in one of their favorite spots! As you can see they are very relaxed in their new home!

Maggie, Max, & Molly (Noodles) (January 2010)

Max, Maggie and Molly were adopted from our shelter in May 2010. They’re still getting along well!



Madison (January 2010)

Madison and her family enjoyed the holidays! Madison was adopted from us in July 2010.



Mickey (Noodles) (December 2010)

Mickey (aka Noodles) was adopted from the Humane Society in July 2009. He is doing very well and is happy in our home. He makes us laugh every day! -The Potsko Family