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Spay/Neuter Assistance Program

Click Here to Apply For Spay/Neuter Services

You can also apply at the shelter in person.

The Broome County Humane Society will be partnering with Shelter Outreach Services (S.O.S.) to provide affordable spay/neuter and vaccination services for the companion animals in our community.

The Low Cost Spay/Neuter clinics are intended for area residents who cannot afford the spay/neuter fees charged at their veterinarian’s office due to financial hardship.

IMPORTANT: This program is NOT to replace your annual/general/wellness/sick veterinary care. You should ALWAYS have a veterinarian for your pet(s) and see them annually (or as needed/recommended).

Each animal receives a physical examination, spay or neuter surgery under anesthetic, and, if needed, rabies and/or distemper vaccinations.

Pet overpopulation and animal homelessness is a community responsibility. Please help by spaying and neutering your pet!

Please list all the vaccinations your pet has had and provide a copy of the vaccination certificate on the day of surgery. Your pet must be current on both rabies and distemper vaccinations. If your pet does not have current vaccines, you must purchase them at the clinic for $15.00 each in order to use this service.

Fee Structure:

Fees can be paid with CASH or CREDIT CARD and are required at the time of surgery.

As of February 1, 2019 the fees are as follows:

  • Dog spay: $ 105.00, Add $30 for dogs 100 pounds or higher.
  • Dog neuter: $ 85.00, Add $30 for dogs 100 pounds or higher.
  • Cat spay: $ 75.00
  • Cat neuter: $ 55.00
  • Ear mite treatment: $ 5.00
  • Microchip: $20.00
  • Rabies vaccine: $ 15.00
  • Distemper vaccine: $ 15.00

* Please note there is an additional $10.00 charge for female animals that are pregnant or in heat at time of surgery.

* Please note there is an additional $10.00 – $20.00 charge for male animals that are cryptorchid or double cryptorchid (retained testicles) at time of surgery.

Spay / Neuter Schedule Information:

Clinics are generally held every Thursday, but these are subject to change. You will be provided with more information on this after your application has been received. When your animals have been scheduled for their surgery, you will receive a letter a week prior to the surgery with all of your instructions.